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However, before the craze casino games online for real money was, the issue of gambling looked a little different. Casino type outlets were not so popular,
even we can say that there were not nearly. The main entertainment have long been, as usual, card games, for older poker, black jack, mesh, while the
younger is what you still remember and continue to approach this with a light touch of nostalgia that is war, a thousand, makao or something as simple and
as old as Peter . Elders, of course, played for money or other pledges, the kids played for fun and entertainment. In the meantime, there are other types
of gambling myself and those nuthatch. In bars and pubs began to appear darts, billiards. Chess and checkers faded into oblivion, but rather more to
the appropriate locations. But the biggest sensation did something that appeared quite suddenly. It came from the west and has been with us for good.
Namely, the game machine. I remember in a nearby bar near my house put such a machine.

The bar could come only after the fries, because in the end it was a bar for adults, but it was for us a real adventure. I remember one day, I went there
with a friend and saw something of which I could not take her young, big green eyes that saw it as a miracle widened to the size of the old pieciozlotówki.
It was the type of machine, as later in life have learned, pinball. He sat beside her man, but at that time I cared little. I did not know what it could
be and it aroused in me even more interest. Perched at the table, waiting for their fries and began to look at the splendor.

When a man threw a coin into the slot, the machine began to light up a million colorful lights. These lights flickered in the rhythm of the music emanating
from the small speakers located on the sides. Then the man pulled the handle attached to the machine, and then in the middle of the drums began to spin.
When ceased, on the reels appearing fruits, three in each row. I noticed that if you were in the middle row of three of the same fruit, with a gap under the
machine fell out of money. At that time, it was for my little cerebellum or unmanageable. How could inserting a coin, it can fall out so many new ones? Is
the sooner I ran to my parents, greedily swallowing my freshest fries to ask about what was in the bar that I saw.

In the end, it really seems to be nothing special. Fold the page, turn on the game, this time, for example, something like a machine "fruit shop" and as in normal play casino games as you want. The difference in all of this is here on the word "online". Online or virtually, via the Internet, but anyone who reads this knows more about this, because in the end it is connected to. Online also means that wherever you are and you are carrying any portable device you can play with the network.

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