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Play Online Bingo Game

You may be surprised, but you can play bingo on the Internet. Among the wide range of casino games online. And it is launching online bingo uproar. Although not yet predict how big popularity with the online game will enjoy, but according to initial enthusiasm bingo certainly snaps. The rules of traditional bingo may have already familiar, but certainly do not know the deviations and any advantages or disadvantages of its online version. This article is divided into two parts. At first we tried to explain the basic rules of bingo in the second game of the differences between 75-ball, which is especially popular in North America, and 90-ball bingo, which occurs in Europe and Australia.

Bingo game, like many games of chance described on our website, is essentially based on luck. It looks like this: the person chosen (usher) pulling numbered balls from a container and these numbers then raises. Participating players then compare the figures with those that are indicated on the card. The card, which obtains the players before the game, has 25 fields (5x5), and each field is a number. The first player on his plate creates a certain pattern caused numbers, shouts "Bingo" and wins! Each card is original, no one has the same numbers.

Typical playing card bingo consists of 24 numbered and one free field where the player can finish any number of ranges provided for individual letters. The numbers in column B are in the range from 1 to 15, in column I of 16 to 30, 31 to 45 N in the column, column G 46-60 and 61-75 in column O. The organizer announces the beginning of the game, what pattern (line, see below) should be created on the card, and "crier" then begin randomly pulling balls (usually some type of container). Once the number is allotted to, puts on his side and he can not be reused. Players listen to what numbers are invoked, they are looking for his card and where to find it, identify it.

Basically, the only skill involved in this game is the ability to find the number and mark it on the plate fast enough, managed to discern the next number, or be the first one to call "Bingo". The auctioneer continues to draw random numbers and raises until a player does not create the desired pattern and navy kraken. Agreed formula may differ significantly, but the most popular are: one line / two lines (one or two lines in the grid, which include winning numbers) or Full House (Full card / blackout / cover-all) are marked on all numbers tab. Organizers can be very creative when selecting a desired pattern. It can be a formula in the form of a letter or other specific shape

Usually, there is the possibility to play multiple cards at once (but you are paying for each), and the prize is usually a jackpot or material objects. There are two types, from which players can choose from around the world. Bingo with 75 balls (5x5 board with free space) and bingo with 90 balls (9x3 board). Both are very popular. Bingo with 90 balls used plates, where there are 3 rows and nine columns. Each row has five numbers, so each card there are 15. The first column contains numbers 1-10, the second 11-20, the third 21-30 etc. up to the numbers 81-90 in the ninth column.

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